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PATH Intl. EAP-PTSD Online Course – To Treat Veterans with PTSD Symptoms

The course and curriculum is for mental health providers and equine specialist teams to work with veterans with post-traumatic stress symptoms. This protocol provides training for experiential group therapy for Veterans with PTSD through equine-assisted psychotherapy. PATH Intl. was awarded funding by the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) to support the development of an online training to utilize the research-based curriculum developed through the Man O’War (MOW) Project at Columbia University.

This course has the following CEU’s: 7 DEs, 4 CRs (all certs) and 3 CEs

Online course price per team
PATH Intl. Member discount price: $399 (One of the team must be a PATH Intl. member)
Standard price: $499

During this course, learners will utilize the EAT-PTSD treatment manual written by the team at Columbia university, accompanied by explanatory and demonstrative video content to learn to facilitate this treatment. Course enrollees will also be given access to an exclusive PATH Intl. Member Connection Community for continued peer and expert support.

After completion of this course, the treatment team will be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of EAT-PTSD and its development.
2. Possess a greater understanding of veteran culture and PTSD.
3. Understand the role of assessments.
4. Demonstrate competency regarding treatment team roles, including the equine.
5. Facilitate all eight sessions of EAT-PTSD treatment.
6. Indicate appropriate equine selection for participation in EAT-PTSD.
7. Employ treatment guidelines for EAT-PTSD.
8. Understand and address clinical contingencies and difficult situations.
9. Demonstrate the benefits of group experiential therapy and how it differs from traditional alternatives.
10. Treat veterans with PTSD symptoms, utilizing a research-based protocol proven to reduce symptoms.

Team criteria
The PATH Intl. EAT-PTSD protocol requires a licensed mental health professional and an equine specialist to facilitate. Therefore the online training must be taken by a team of one licensed mental health professional and one certified equine specialist.

Mental health professional qualifications
• The therapist or counselor must be licensed to practice where the treatment will be provided
• The therapist or counselor must provide valid credentials at the time of purchase.
• The therapist or counselor’s scope of practice must include PTSD, anxiety, suicide prevention/intervention and group therapy
• It is beneficial to have previous experience with veterans, group therapy and equine-assisted services.

Equine specialist (ES) qualifications
• The ES must currently be certified, not in-progress.
• The ES must have a current ESMHL certification from PATH Intl. or certification from Eagala or CHA.
• It is beneficial to have previous experience with veterans.

The curriculum includes:
• Five hours of video training
• Comprehensive manual produced by Columbia University and the Man O’ War Project
• Access to the PATH Intl. Member Connection community for EAT-PTSD providers
• Fourteen PATH Intl. CEUs for each team member
• Certificate of completion

Required to conduct treatment:
• Round pen or small arena
• 2-3 suitable horses
• Licensed mental health professional
• Equine specialist holding a certificate from PATH Intl., Eagala or CHA

Danielle Seybert,

Online training program development funded by the Bob Woodruff Foundation.