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Benefits of Equine-Assisted Services

Changing lives through the power of the horse.

The benefits of equine-assisted services have been recognized for a long time. Partnering with horses can have a major physical and emotional impact on people with a wide variety of physical disabilities, cognitive delays or emotional challenges. Granting a PATH Intl. Member Center the privilege of your trust will enable you or your loved one to reach health and wellness goals – as well as experience fun and hope – by partnering with horses.


Riding in a group is a great shared social experience. Those receiving services at PATH Intl. Member Centers may experience improved self-esteem and belonging in social settings as they share similar experiences with fellow riders.


Many people with emotional challenges are able to enjoy equine-based programs that promote physical activity and social interaction. Horses provide a “no judgment” zone that holds space for the entire spectrum of feelings and promotes emotional growth.


People with learning disabilities have the chance to learn through visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods while learning to ride or drive a horse. The horse’s response to the aids given by the rider or driver is natural positive reinforcement and helps participants build skills.


Therapeutic or adaptive riding can be a great source of exercise in which people with physical disabilities may choose to participate. They can participate in riding within their limits of strength and energy and still enjoy an active recreational activity or sport.


Working with horses and learning to communicate with them often leads to a boost in self-esteem. It is very empowering to partner with a thousand pound animal (or even a 200 pound miniature horse!) and realize achievements you never thought possible.

I belong to PATH Intl. because I love the education, support and connection with other like-minded/gifted individuals with a love for helping others and their equine partners.

Nancy Leslie