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Strides Magazine

The award-winning publication of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) is a full-color, quarterly magazine titled PATH Intl. Strides, which features a different theme or topic each issue pertaining to our members and the world of equine-assisted services (EAS). The current issue of PATH Intl. Strides is available only to members. Archived issues are linked below. If you do not see an issue or an article that you are looking for, email . If you are interested in advertising with us please visit our advertising page.

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PATH Intl. Strides Magazine Cover Summer 2023
Strides - Summer 2023 Issue


  • Encouraging Emotional Regulation
  • Hope for Rebuilding Bonds
  • Crisis in the Barn: Suicide Prevention
  • Man O’ War Project Results
STRIDES Cover Winter of 2023
Strides - Winter 2023 Issue
  • PATH Intl. Conference and Award Winners
  • Planning for a Successful CTRI Certification
  • Pursuing Driving Certification
  • Overview of the PATH Intl. Equine Specialist Certification
Strides Fall 2022 issue
Strides - Fall 2022 Issue
  • Partnering with Longears
  • Power Horses
  • Wild Horse Wisdom
  • Gaited and Gallant Icelandic Horses
  • Magnificent Minis
Trauma Issue - Spring 2022
  • The PATH Intl. Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, by the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees
  • Creating an Emotionally Safe Center
  • Innovative Psychotherapy Incorporating Horses
  • A Longing in the Soul
  • Making the Connection to Treat Invisible Injuries
  • Therapeutic Driving Incorporating EAL Fosters Life Skills
  • Online Training Provides Treatment Protocol for Teams Working With Veteran PTSD
  • Strengthening the Family Though Psychotherapy Incorporating Interaction With Equines
Strides Magazine Summer 2022 Cover
Volunteers And Staff Issue - Summer 2022
  • The Work of Teamwork
  • From the Pasture to the Arena
  • Get Onboard With Onboarding
  • Creating a Strong Volunteer Team
  • Outsmarting Burnout
Research Issue - Winter 2022
  • Measuring the Magic
  • Is Your Center Ready for Research?
  • Where Science, Physical Therapy and Equines Meet
  • Advancing Research in EAS
Equine-Assisted Learning in Education Issue - Fall 2021
  • Going to School With Horses
  • In-the-Barn Training
  • Changing Leads
  • Classrooms to Pastures™
Center Creativity Issue - Summer 2021
  • Helping the Helpers
  • From Barn Door to Bedside
  • Classical Dressage Training
  • Empowering Young Leaders
Equine Welfare Issue – Spring 2021
  • Understanding Equine Stress Signals
  • The Back Story
  • Lower Your Horse’s Stress Load
  • The Challenge to Change
  • The Body Keeps Score
  • Starring Role for Rocky and Jake
Center Sustainability Issue – Winter 2021
  • 2020 PATH Intl. Conference and Awards
  • Optimal Terminology Strengthens Our Community
  • Successful Succession Planning and Land Transfer
  • Surviving the Pandemic
  • How Much Does a Lesson Cost?
  • Achieving Center Longevity
  • The Grateful Dead: Planned Giving Rocks!
Instructor and Mentor Issue – Fall 2020
  • Becoming a PATH Intl. CTRI
  • Mentoring Mastery
  • Stepping Up the Fun
  • Collaborating With Researchers
  • To Clip or Not to Clip
The Neurodiversity Issue – Summer 2020
  • Expand Your Toolbox
  • Making Sense
  • Successful Strategies for ASD
  • Neurodiversity: Making the Invisible, Visible
  • Hautism