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Equine-Assisted Learning — FAQs

Get answers to your questions about attaining PATH Intl. professional certificates and microcredentials.

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Yes. Even if you hold a previous PATH Intl. or non-PATH Intl. credential, completion of the PATH Intl. Fundamentals of EAL certificate program is mandatory in order to pursue any of the PATH Intl. EAL Facilitator microcredentials.

Candidates can earn PATH Intl. EAL facilitator microcredentials for any or all of the following EAL specialty areas: education, organizations, personal development and mounted activities. Microcredentials can be earned one at a time and “stacked” as candidates expand their skill sets and establish additional competencies.

In the professional credentialing field, a microcredential is the recognition awarded to an individual who has demonstrated competency of a highly focused scope of knowledge, skills and abilities. Microcredentials, in general, offer a targeted way for professionals to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities they need for their professional development. EAL is such a broad area of EAS that  many professionals choose to provide services related to only one sector of EAL. PATH Intl. offers EAL Facilitator microcredentials for the separate service areas in order to recognize professionals for the specific competencies they possess. The microcredential structure allows professionals to customize their qualifications based on the EAL services they choose to provide, rather than requiring them to learn about and demonstrate competency in areas of EAL which do not interest them, or they do not intend to provide services in. Microcredentials also allow for expedient recognition of professionals as their competencies expand.

Yes. You can count previous PATH Intl. and non-PATH Intl. credentials you have earned towards EAL facilitator microcredential requirements. Review the list of training courses from approved providers to confirm what they can be counted for and complete the prior credit application.

You can choose from any of the approved providers listed on the PATH Intl. website to complete the requirements for your PATH Intl. EAL facilitator microcredential(s).

Once a professional has achieved all four PATH Intl. EAL facilitator microcredentials, they will automatically earn PATH Intl. Master Equine-Assisted Learning Facilitator certification.

There are no renewal requirements for PATH Intl. EAL facilitator microcredentials. Microcredentials recognize demonstrated competency of a highly focused scope of knowledge, skills and abilities have been effectively achieved. For this reason, microcredentials do not necessarily represent ongoing professional development and so do not require ongoing maintenance.

PATH Intl. Master EAL Facilitator certification will be required to be maintained alongside any other PATH Intl. certifications the professional holds. PATH Intl. Master EAL Facilitators will be required to submit 2 hours of core requirement activities, per year, applicable to EAL facilitation techniques in addition to other standard certification maintenance requirements.

I belong to PATH Intl. because PATH Intl. Centers offer tremendous benefits for many special needs, and it's an excellent educational resource.

Judi Nelson

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