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Certification Maintenance

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We strive to continually improve professionalism and safety within the equine-assisted services  community. Credentialing plays a vital role in providing PATH Intl. certified professionals with the knowledge and skills to maintain the highest standards for safety, ethics and effectiveness, protecting our participants and equine partners. PATH Intl. is committed to helping you grow and accomplish more as a certified instructor, so maintain your credentials by submitting your compliance form and required documentation today! 

Renewal Requirements for CTRI Holders​

PATH Intl. Certified Professionals are responsible for following set procedures and fulfilling specific requirements to maintain and renew their certifications as a means of recertification. Renewal requirements include knowledge and commitment to uphold PATH Intl. Standards and industry best practices as well as active participation in education or training for the purpose of maintaining competence and demonstrating ongoing knowledge, skills and ability throughout their career.


The below process will renew your CTRI certification along with other PATH Intl. certifications held for two years.

  • Instructors have a 90 day grace period following their expiration date to complete renewal of their certification. Instructors who are unable to complete the certification maintenance process within the grace period will lose their certification.
  • After the grace period has passed, certification is considered expired and the instructor will have no option but to reapply and re-earn certification. Reinstatement of expired certification is not an option.
  • Extensions for completing certification maintenance will be considered on a case-by-case basis for exceptional circumstances only, such as documented cases of debilitating illness, bereavement, natural disasters or other serious emergencies.

Pay the CTRI Maintenance Fee $75 for Professional Members, $95 for Participating Members and non-members

Submit 20 hours of CEU Requirements on the CTRI Maintenance Form every two years.


CTRI Maintenance Form >

Take the CTRI Maintenance Module. Log in and link for the module are emailed to you 30 days prior to your renewal.

Hours Requirements For CTRI holders

A total of 20 hours are due every 24 months:

  • 12 hours of DE (Disability or Mental Health Education)

  • 4 hours of CR (Core Requirements)

  • 4 hours of CE (General Education)

  • Educational activities that provide a greater understanding of physical, social, cognitive and/or behavioral impacts experienced by individuals with disabilities, mental health disorders or emotional trauma
  • Online courses, webinars or videos from Higher Education Institutions, Professional Associations or other reputable learning sources
  • Disability, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech/Language Pathology, mental health conferences and educational meetings
  • Professional research projects conducted through a college, university, or research center
  • Special Olympics or Paralympics (max of 2 hours)
  • College-level anatomy, physiology and biomechanics courses that touch on disability and/or mental health subjects
  • Education that encourages self-reflection, enhances instructor skills and techniques, and expands knowledge of equine-assisted services, equine management and welfare.
  • Online educational webinars and videos with subjects pertaining to the equine industry
  • Attending or auditing PATH Intl. workshops
  • Sessions from horse expos and fairs
  • College-level anatomy, physiology and biomechanics courses
  • Writing and submitting papers, articles or materials for publication, including PATH Intl. materials
  • Presenting on topics or research related to equine-assisted services at professional conferences, symposiums, clinics or panel discussions
  • Retaking PATH Intl. online courses or examinations
  • Professional development conferences, symposiums and panel presentations pertaining to the equine industry
  • PATH Intl. educational webinars and online courses
  • Academic or outcomes-based equine-assisted services research
  • Volunteering for PATH Intl., for a maximum of two hours
  • Attending or presenting at a PATH Intl. Member Center volunteer training
  • Hours specific to the certification held or teaching practices and abilities
  • Groundwork lessons, vaulting lessons, or driving lessons.  This does not require the lessons to be taught by a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor
  • Equine behavior education
  • Equine welfare, management, behavior or skill clinics
  • Hands-on exercises to strengthen areas of focus pertaining to the equine-assisted services industry
  • Coaching or receiving coaching.  The coach must be a compliant PATH Intl. Certified Instructor
  • Education with an emphasis on instruction and/or teaching techniques

Continuing Education Guidelines

Are you an Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning, Driving Instructor, Vaulting Instructor?

Non-CTRI holders must be an active PATH Intl. professional member and submit 20 hours of CEU Requirements on the Compliance Form annually.

Hours Requirements for non-CTRI holders 

A total of 20 hours are due every 12 months:

6 hours of DE (Disability of Mental Health Education)

2 hours of CR (Core Requirements)

12 hours of CE (General Hours)

I belong to PATH Intl. because PATH Intl. Centers offer tremendous benefits for many special needs, and it's an excellent educational resource.

Judi Nelson

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