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Therapists and Equine-Assisted Services

Incorporating equines into treatment strategies can improve outcomes exponentially.

Licensed/credentialed therapy professionals may incorporate horses in six distinct therapies – counseling, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy and speech-language pathology –to address individualized goals and improve overall function, health and wellness.


The benefits of incorporating horses into a therapy treatment strategy align with the therapy being provided. Licensed medical or behavioral health professionals work within their scope of practice in counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, recreational therapy and speech-language pathology. The therapist determines how equine interactions, movement or aspects of the equine environment may enhance the client’s individualized treatment plan with the goals of improving the client’s sensorimotor, cognitive, behavioral, emotional or psychological function for improved health and wellness.

Physical benefits may include:

Cognitive benefits may include:

Psychological benefits may include:

Speech and language benefits may include:

I belong to PATH Intl. because I recognize the positive impact of persons gaining hope and healing - neuroplasticity, regrowth.

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