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PATH International How to Start an EAAT Center/Program-Download

This startup packet is a basic information source. PATH Intl. Member Centers can be established on a small scale, but to grow and succeed, a proper foundation, which includes best business practices and industry standards, must be laid. This packet includes practical advice, job descriptions, copies of PATH Intl.’s most recent membership publications and other information you will find useful.

Printed 2015

To download the PATH Intl. How to Start an EAAT Center/Progam, go to the My Transactions page, click on My Downloadable Products in the menu on the top right. Click on the item to open. Once it is open, from the main tool bar at the top of the page click File, Save as and in the box select the location on your computer you wish to save the information then name the document. Please make sure that you save the document once you open it as you will not be able to open it again, even if you do not save it at that time. For questions on downloading the document please contact .