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Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy Manual-Download


i. Introduction

ii. Important Information

iii. Frequently Asked Questions

PART 1: Professional Qualifications, Licensure, Training and Education

1. Required State Licensure/Credentialing

2. Adding A Specialty Area of Practice

3. Additional Psychotherapy Training

4. Additional Horsemanship Trainings

5. PATH Intl. Certifications

6. Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) Related Trainings

PART 2: Starting a Program: Step-By-Step Process

1. Creating a Business Model

2. Business Development

3. Finding an Appropriate Facility

4. Ethics

5. Marketing

6. Defining a Practice Model

7. EFP in a PATH Intl. Center

8. EFP as a Private Practice

9. Selecting Appropriate Support Staff or Volunteers

10. Selecting and Caring for Appropriate Equine Partners

11. Assessing and Locating Appropriate Clientele

12. Starting a Pilot Program

PART 3: Resources

1. References

a. Professional Organizations

b. Books

c. DVDs and Videos

2. Useful Documents Available from PATH Intl.

a. Sample Forms

b. PATH Intl. Documents