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2022 Awards

PATH Intl. takes great pride in the exceptional equines, certified professionals, caretakers, volunteers and veterinarians who serve at PATH Intl. Member Centers and Premier Accredited Centers, and the equestrians whose lives—and horsemanship—have been enriched through equine-assisted services (EAS). PATH Intl. is pleased to share the 2022 PATH Intl. region and national award winners in the following categories: equine, certified professional, equine caretaker, volunteer and veterinarian. Congratulations to winners from all 11 regions! 

PATH Intl. also recognizes the adult, youth, PATH International Equine Services for Heroes Equestrian, and the James Brady Professional Achievement Award winners through a nomination and review process conducted at the international level. We hope you enjoy learning more about these inspiring awardees!

Know an exceptional person or equine who you would like to nominate for a PATH Intl. Award? Click here for current nomination criteria and forms!