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Equine-Assisted Services (EAS)

Equine-assisted services incorporate equine-assisted therapy, equine-assisted learning and horsemanship. 

Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT)

Equine-assisted therapy is treatment that incorporates equine activities and/or the equine environment. Rehabilitative goals are related to the patient’s needs and the medical professional’s standards of practice. Practitioners must be licensed in their field. Equine-assisted therapy includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology and mental health professionals.

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL)

Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for eductional, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities. PATH Intl. provides standards of professionalism and safety for people workin in the EAS field and guidelines for those providing EAL.


Horsemanship includes any specific center activity, e.g.. therapeutic riding, mounted or ground activities, interactive vaulting, grooming and stable management, shows, parades, demonstrations, etc., in which the center’s clients, participants, volunteers, instructors and equines are involved.

Interactive Vaulting

Interactive Vaulting is an activity in which the students perform movements on and around the horse. These movements can be very simple such as sitting without holding onto the surcingle or a more elaborate vaulting position move such as kneeling or standing on the horse. It all depends on the individual needs of the vaulter.

Therapeutic Driving

Carriage Driving offers students with physical, mental, sensory or emotional disabilities the rewards of interaction and control of a horse or pony while driving from a carriage seat or in their own wheelchair in a carriage modified to accommodate their wheelchair.

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is an equine-assisted activity for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs.



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