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PATH Intl. EAP-PTSD Online Course FAQs

Who should take this course?

A team of one licensed mental health professional and one certified equine specialist should purchase and register for this course together.

Mental health professional qualifications:

-           You must be licensed to practice where the treatment will be provided.

-           Your scope of practice must include PTSD, anxiety, suicide prevention/intervention and group therapy.

-           It is beneficial if you have previous experience with Veterans, group therapy and equine-assisted services (EAS).

Equine specialist qualifications:

-           You must be currently certified, not in-progress.

-           You must have a certificate/training from PATH International, Eagala or CHA.

-           It is beneficial if you have previous experience working with Veterans.

This course is intended for a team of two providers. Do we each have to pay the fee?

No! The fee for the course covers both team members. Each individual will receive their own login for both CourseWebs and Member Connection, so be sure to include accurate contact information for both members when registering.

I purchased the course; now where do I find it?

The EAP-PTSD Online Course is hosted on CourseWebs, so it will not show up in ‘My Downloads’ in your PATH Intl. Member Portal. Please reference your enrollment email for the link and login credentials for CourseWebs.

When does the course begin?

This is an on-demand course, meaning you begin when you are enrolled! There are no specific deadlines or required class times, so you can complete it at your own speed.

How long do I have to complete the course?

As long as you need. You will maintain access to the course even after completion so that you can reference the training videos as often as necessary. We want you to feel confident in offering this treatment!

What are the treatment assessments and where do I find them?

The treatment assessments consist of the ‘PCL-5 with Criterion A’ and ‘Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (QIDS)’ clinical assessments. These are both designed to be self-reporting measures, so participants may fill them out themselves or be assisted as needed by the licensed mental health professional. These assessments should be completed by the participants before the first session and after the final session. Once the post-treatment assessments are complete, the licensed mental health professional should enter each participant’s set of assessments into the Qualtrics survey provided in the course. PATH International will collect and provide this data in support of the efficacy of the EAT-PTSD protocol.

If the training is on CourseWebs, why did I get an email about Member Connection?

We have created a private community on Member Connection just for students of the PATH Intl. EAP-PTSD Online Course. This is a space for you to ask questions about the course, the content, or even once you have begun offering the treatment. You will be supported by other providers of the EAT-PTSD treatment, as well as Dr. Prudence Fisher and some of the original pilot teams.

I’m still having trouble logging in where I need to be. Who do I talk to?

For any technical questions, please contact .">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More on the project

PATH Intl. was granted funding to help develop, implement and evaluate the training program for delivery of a first of its kind, evidence-based equine-assisted group treatment for veterans with significant PTSD symptoms. The overarching goal is to disseminate the EAP-PTSD program to the larger field of mental health professionals and equine specialist teams thereby significantly increasing the availability of the only existing research-based EAP curriculum and treatment for veterans with PTSD.
The EAP-PTSD program was developed by Drs. Prudence Fisher and Yuval Neria, co-directors of the Man O’ War Project at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The Man O’ War team, prepared a well-specified manual, the first of its kind in the field of mental health services incorporating equines, which they then tested in an open trial of veterans with PTSD, demonstrating a measurable reduction of PTSD and depressive symptoms (Hillburn et al., 2017, Fisher et al., 2018). 

MOW and PATH Intl. partnered on this project, each bringing their expertise to make this curriculum and training effective and ultimately available to EAP providers all over the country. This in turn will provide access to this proven treatment to hundreds of veterans with PTSD and other trauma and stressor-related symptoms. The PATH Intl.–MOW partnership is a perfect match of verified curriculum, subject matter experts, training experience and a network of experienced EAP providers. Together, they used their vision and experience to successfully create, implement, evaluate and disseminate a training program to deliver EAP-PTSD.



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