DSCF8710PATH Intl. faculty are experienced and practicing professionals with the capability of effectively promoting learning within individual courses and programs. Our faculty all have significant experience in fields related to the courses they facilitate. They are selected through an assessment process and then are oriented to mission and organizational structure of PATH Intl.

PATH Intl. faculty are carefully assessed and selected for teaching ability. Minimum qualifications are listed below.

All PATH Intl. faculty are required to meet or exceed minimum requirements to achieve faculty status. These include, but are not limited to:

• Recent, substantive and relevant experience that combines theory and practice

• Awareness of and respect for adult learning theory and practice

• Participation in and successful completion of a faculty assessment

• Completion of formal PATH Intl. faculty training

The following documents are the result of the work done by the PATH Intl. Faculty Development Task Force over the past couple of years. The goal of the task force has been to clarify and standardize PATH Intl. faculty processes and procedures among all disciplines and to improve the overall quality of education provided by ensuring that all PATH Intl. faculty exhibit excellence.

All processes updated June 2017

ESMHL Faculty Process
Driving Faculty Process
Mentor Training Faculty Process
Online Faculty Process
Registered Faculty Process
Standards Course Faculty Process
Vaulting Faculty Process

Faculty Requirements
Faculty Application

Faculty Evaluator Training Application

Faculty Professional Development Form

List of PATH Intl. Faculty

Standards Course Faculty

Marsha Anderson, Equul Access
Kim Berggren, Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center
Mandy Branton
Octavia Brown, Therapeutic Riding at Centenary
Sharon Butler
Melissa Conner, Renew Therapeutic Riding Center
Cutler Joan, EQUEST
Mary Gwinner, Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center
Elizabeth Kellogg, EQUEST

Ainslie Kraeck, San Diego Hippotherapy
Patricia McCowan
Teresa Morris, Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center
Jane Muir
Gail Pace, EQUEST
ClarePalmquist, Project ASTRIDE
Lynn Petr, Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding
Kristen Sanders, Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding 

Lesley Shear, Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding, Inc.
Kitty Stalsburg, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.
Stefani Viktora-Anderson, PATH Intl.
Sandy Webster, Gaits of Change Consulting
Michelle Weed, Horse Rhythm Foundation
Lindsey Wood 

* This list is updated annually. Some faculty members may also be PATH Intl. Evaluators.

Certification Faculty/Evaluators

color coded faculty list


Mentor Training Faculty

Liz Adams
Marsha Anderson
Mary Jo Beckman
Tina Bennett
Kim Berggren (Henning)
Karen Bocksel
Corie Brooks
Octavia Brown
Patti Coyle 

Joelle Devlin
Margo Dewkett
Kathy Glew
Heather Hernandez
Lili Kellogg
Terri Knauer
Ainslie Kraeck
Tasha Malinchoc-Federinko
Marny Mansfield
Jenny Nell
Amy Newman
Gail Pace
Lynn Petr
Lorrie Renker
Kitty Stalsburg
Jacqueline Tiley
Pebbles Turbeville
Sandy Webster

Online Course Faculty

Erin Bartlett: ASD, Mentor, SCI
Nancy Beers: ES4H
Joelle Devlin: ASD, Mentor

Michele Kane: ES4H, Mentor
Hannah LaPointe: ES4H, Mentor, SCI
Allison Lewis: ASD, Mentor, SCI
Lissa Lutz: ASD, ES4H, Mentor
Sarah Reega:  ASD, ES4H, Mentor
Michelle Weed: ES4H, Mentor 

ASD = PATH Intl. Autism Spectrum Disorder and EAAT Online Course
ES4H = Instructor Training for PATH International Equine Services for Heroes®
Mentor = PATH Intl. Mentor Training Online Course
SCI = PATH Intl. Spinal Cord Injury, Paralysis & EAAT



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