Already a PATH Intl. TRI and ready to transition to the CTRI credential?

Review the below steps and materials to gain an understanding of the transition process available through August 13, 2021.

CTRI Transition Eligibility Checklist

Steps in the process:

  1. Submit the certification maintenance fee. Payment of this fee can be completed onlineand will initiate enrollment in the online test (see step 2 below). Please allow 3 business days for enrollment.
  2. Achieve a passing score on an online test from the comfort of your own home (NOTE: this is NOT the same test as the PATH Intl. CTRI certification exam.) This unproctored test is estimated to take roughly 45 minutes to complete and is meant to serve as a refresher/review of critical knowledge, such as but not limited to: safety awareness, PATH Intl. mandatory standards, precautions and contraindications, lesson planning concepts, task analysis, measurable objectives and riding theory. Review some study tips for the online test. A fee will apply if the test must be retaken.
  3. Submit 20 or more hours of continuing education within the past 12 months, including minimum of:
    1. 6 hours of Disability Education (DE) 
    2. 2 hours of Certification Core Requirements (CR) for each certification held
    3. Additional hours General Continuing Education (CE) to accomplish a total of 20 hours

      Note that you may submit any and all CEUs accrued within the previous 12 months—including hours already submitted on a previous instructor compliance form. However, the current instructor compliance form will not be relevant to the certification transition process and, therefore, all requirements must be documented using the new PATH Intl. CTRI Credential Transition form.
  4. Agree to uphold the PATH Intl. Certified Professional Code of Ethics
  5. Possess current adult and child CPR and basic first aid certifications. 

Completing the PATH Intl. CTRI Credential Transition Process as described above will result in establishing a two year certification maintenance (renewal) cycle from the date the online test is completed.

Credential Transition Form (hard copy submission)
- Credential Transition Form (online submission coming soon)
Estimated Costs for Transitioning to the CTRI Credential
Lesson Tracking Tool for Transitioned CTRIs
Policy Statement for PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor 120 Hour Requirement

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