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Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) has more than 4,500 certified instructors working in the equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) industry. As the premier organization advocating for EAAT and providing standards for safe and enabling equine interactions, PATH Intl. celebrates ability, optimism, diversity and a shared love of equines.

PATH Intl. offers workshops and certifications in the following

At each level, you will master knowledge and skills in equine management, horsemanship, teaching and understanding disabilities. In addition, new workshops and certifications are always being developed. Watch PATH Intl. News for information about workshops, certifications and Approved Training Courses (ATC).

Click here for our Certification page to learn more about the advanced, master and specialty certifications.

Individuals currently in the certification process, visit the My Professional Development page to review your information as you work towards certification.

Renew Your Instructor Certification

To renew your instructor certification:

Log in using your unique email address and password (upper right side of the PATH Intl. website) or click here for the 2019 Membership Renewal Application.

Click here to renew online or fill out a printable renewal form or click here for the 2019 Membership Renewal Application.

Verify order and email address, click submit payment. An email receipt will be sent to the email indicated

Email, fax or mail a copy of your compliance form (continuing education hours, updated first aid/CPR and signed Code of Ethics) to the PATH Intl. office, attention Certification Department.

Requests for reinstatement of instructor status once forfeited are also reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A reinstatement fee will apply. Current reinstatement policy is up to three years. After three years you are a "dropped instructor" and you must complete the current certification process again. Please review the PATH Intl. Reinstatement Policy below.

Annual Compliance for PATH Intl. Certified Instructors

PATH Intl. Certified Instructors

PATH Intl. is updating the required and accepted continuing education hours for instructor compliance.  Starting January 1, 2016, all instructors will be required to submit continuing education that meets the new CEU Guidelines.

For PATH Intl. certified instructors who also hold additional certifications (driving, vaulting, ESMHL), follow the continuing education requirements listed on the compliance form you submit.

Please click here (go to CEU Requirements) to see the new continuing education requirements.

PATH Intl. Certified Instructor Compliance Form

Instructor Compliance Form

Requests for exception to annual requirements may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instructor Compliance

1. I just became an instructor, when do I renew? Does my membership type and dues change when I renew?
Yes, your membership type is now Professional Certified Instructor and your dues will be on an annual basis. This membership includes membership in the PATH Intl. Instructor Special Interest Section so this section does not have to be added on your renewal form.

Your renewal month is be determined by the first PATH Intl. joined date not the date you became a certified Instructor. Due to this first joined date you may or may not receive a renewal notice soon after you become certified or you may receive it months later, it depends on your first joined date.

2. What do I need to submit when I renew my PATH Intl. membership as an Instructor?
There are multiple items needed to renew as an Instructor; each of these items that need to be completed is a very important part of renewing your PATH Intl. membership and meeting the annual renewal requirements as a Certified Instructor of PATH Intl.

PATH Intl. Membership renewal notices are sent by mail 2-3 weeks prior to your membership expiring. You have a 90-day grace period to submit your renewal prior to becoming expired and needing to reinstate your instructor status, see reinstatement policy. It is the responsibility of the Instructor to ensure all items will be current at the time of renewal. The front of the renewal form will include information on membership, special interest sections and payment options.

On the reverse of the renewal form there will be the PATH Intl. Instructor Compliance Form. Please see the PATH Intl. CEU Guidelines page for information about compliance.

Instructors are also required to maintain current Adult/Child CPR and first aid at all times throughout the year. As far as maintaining your first aid and CPR, please refer to the expiration date on each of your certification cards. For first aid and CPR compliance, please refer to the PATH Intl. CEU Guidelines. PATH Intl. suggests renewing your CPR and first aid before your renewal date so you will have new expiration dates at the time of your renewal.

The number of continuing education hours is dependent on your level of certification. For more information on documenting continuing education hours please click here to see the PATH Intl. CEU Guidelines. The continuing education hours need to be documented, all columns complete, on the instructor compliance form. A separate sheet of paper attached is acceptable if more room is needed. Please know that you do not need to send proof of completion of your hours unless requested by PATH Intl.. Just keep track of how many hours you have accumulated, the date of the event, and who sponsored it.

The compliance form includes the PATH Intl. Instructor Code of Ethics; please make sure to sign the bottom of the form as this is a requirement on an annual basis for every Certified Instructor. By signing the PATH Intl. Code of Ethics for Instructors/compliance form the Instructor attests the information submitted on the form is true and accurate and they have read, fully understand and will uphold the PATH Intl. Code of Ethics for Instructors at all times.

3. Where can I get an instructor compliance form?
PATH Intl. Membership renewal notices are sent by mail 2-3 weeks prior to your membership expiring. The front of the renewal form will include information on membership, special interest sections and payment options. On the reverse of the renewal form there will be the PATH Intl. Instructor Compliance Form.

For more information on compliance requirements, click here. If your renewal notice does not have a compliance form on the back and you are a Certified Instructor or if you would like another copy, you can fill out the compliance form here. A copy can also be sent to you via email by contacting the PATH Intl. office.

4. What are some examples of activities that would count toward my continuing education?

Click here to see CEU requirements

5. What types of activities would not be accepted for continuing education?
If you ever feel that something may not count as continuing education please contact the PATH Intl. office for clarification.

Click here to see CEU requirements

6. When should I perform my continuing education hours so I have the correct continuing education hours performed each year?
The renewal month for instructors runs concurrent to each person’s membership year and first PATH Intl. joined date not the date the person was certified. This means, for example, that if your PATH Intl. membership is due July 31, 2017 then your completed instructor compliance requirements will be due July 31, 2017.

The continuing education submitted each year will still reflect hours accumulated throughout the previous 12 months. For example, if my renewal month is July every year, and my next renewal and compliance requirements are due July 31, 2017, I would submit a minimum of 20 continuing education hours performed July 16-July 17.

7. As a new instructor, how do I obtain the continuing education hours if my membership renewal date falls shortly after my certification date?
For your first renewal year, all new instructors can use the hours they spent obtaining their certification as continuing education hours. You still need to complete the compliance requirements even though your renewal date falls so close after your certification dates.

When you receive your renewal notice, in the continuing education area of the compliance form list approximately how many hours you spent obtaining your certification, date, and location and sign the PATH Intl. Code of Ethics as part of your renewal.

8. I am a medical health professional, do I need to complete Adult/Child CPR and First Aid in order to renew my Instructor Certification?
PATH Intl. WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL LICENSES TO FULFILL FIRST AID REQUIREMENT. This decision reflects research in this area done by the Certification Oversight Committee and the Health & Ed Committee that medical professional licenses do not require this type of training. PATH Intl. will accept front and back copies of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) licenses for First Aid requirement only; those with EMT licenses must submit front and back copies of their current EMT license in order to fulfill this requirement.

Certified Instructor renewals received before this effective date that include an acceptable medical professional license expiration date for the first aid requirement will be accepted for this renewal year ONLY. Those renewals received after August 31, 2007 will be subject to the new policy. All new Instructor candidates will have to adhere to this policy effective immediately.

9. I am a certified driving instructor. How are my compliance requirements different?

Click here to see CEU requirements

10. I will not be teaching this year. Do I still need to submit a compliance form?
Yes, if you want to maintain your Instructor status, you will need to complete the annual requirements each year; PATH Intl. does not offer an extension on renewal and does not have an inactive status. If you do not meet the annual renewal requirements and your membership/ Instructor status expires you will have to reinstate. Please contact the PATH Intl. office for reinstatement information.

Instructors currently have three years from their last renewal dues date to start the reinstatement process. But, once this three year time limit has passed, dropped instructors will need to complete the entire certification program again. For information about reinstating, please contact the PATH Intl. office.

PATH Intl. Certified Instructor Reinstatement Policy:
After a 90-day grace period (concurrent with the membership grace period) PATH Intl. certified instructors are required to pay a certification reinstatement fee and submit continuing education hours in order to be reinstated as a certified instructor member (in addition to rejoining with a new membership join date).

Time Past Membership Expiration Reinstatement Fee Continuing Education Hours Required
90 – 180 Days $35 25 hours
6 months to 1 year $75 30 hours
1 to 2 years $100 40 hours
2 to 3 years $150 60 hours + 10 hours teaching under a mentor



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