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Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) serves more than 7,000 members around the globe – instructors, centers, administrators, program managers, equine professionals, students and individual members committed to the safe, ethical and professional standards PATH Intl. promotes in the equine assisted activities and therapies industry. PATH Intl. has a membership category for all professionals, organizations and individuals interested in demonstrating safe and competent practices in equine assisted activities and therapies.

For members whose membership is past the grace period click here to rejoin. Please review the PATH Intl. Membership Grace Period Policy.

Review the PATH Intl. Membership Benefits

To renew your individual membership:

Log in using your unique email address and password (upper right side of the PATH Intl. website) or fill out a printable renewal form. Click here for the 2017 Membership Renewal Application (effective January 1, 2017).

Click on “Renew” (upper right side of the PATH Intl. website) or click here Renew. You will be directed to the PATH Intl. membership database

In the membership information section, click on “Pay Open Orders”

Check the box next to the renewal you wish to pay, click next

Enter in your credit card information, click next. PATH Intl. accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

Choose the billing address that relates to the credit card, click next

Verify order and email address, then click " submit payment". An email receipt will be sent to the email indicated.

You can also renew your membership by mail using the printable renewal form. Click here for the 2017 Membership Renewal Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can become an individual member?
    Anyone can become a PATH Intl. Individual Member! PATH Intl. Individual Members include instructors, therapists, center administrators, riders and others who have an interest in or wish to support equine-assisted activities. Becoming a PATH Intl. Individual Member is a great way to access PATH Intl.’s educational resources and learn more about this exciting and growing industry.
  2. When will I be notified that it is time to renew my individual membership?
    PATH Intl. will either email or mail a renewal notice one month prior to your membership expiration date.
  3. How much is my membership if I live outside the United States or Canada?
    For individuals residing outside of the United States or Canada, an Individual International Membership is available for $105 annually. All member benefits are the same.


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