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Distribution Guidelines

Purpose of Fund: To assist a participant who would not otherwise financially be able to participate in a therapeutic riding program at a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center without financial assistance.

Eligibility for Fund Distribution: Any PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center in good standing with a participant who needs financial assistance is eligible. The EAS Participant Fund grants can fund any kind of equine-assisted services, including PT/OT/SLP therapies that incorporate equine movement, vaulting, driving, counseling incorporating equines in a treatment plan, equine-assisted learning, or any other PATH Intl. Center programs. (All mental health concerns will be held in confidence.)

Guidelines in Distributing Funds: In January of each year, a Request for Proposals (RFP)/EAS Participant Fund Request link will be sent to PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Centers. The RFP will be published in the winter issue of Strides magazine, on the PATH Intl. website and any other appropriate printed materials PATH Intl. sends. All proposals are due in the PATH Intl. office no later than March 1. Forms must be filled out online.

Funds will be awarded the first week of April. Centers will be notified whether the grant is awarded or not. The grant can cover up to 95% of the fee; however, recipients should pay a portion of the fee appropriate to their financial position, as determined by the center.

After a center is awarded a grant, the center must wait two years before applying for another EAS Participant Fund grant.

To be eligible for further grants, the center must complete a progress report form at the end of the grant year, no later than December 1st. The review panel requests, but does not require, a testimonial from the participant or from the guardians of the child who benefited from the grant.

Process for Distributing Monies from Fund: A center will complete the EAS Participant Fund Request form for the desired funds. The center is then responsible for applying the funds to the participant designated by the panel to receive that year’s grant. Awards will be made for up to $1,000 or up to four sessions per year, per rider. If the participant drops out of the program, PATH Intl. is to be informed. There is a $10,000 limit per round for funding. Note: The fund amount limit for 2021 will be determined at a later date.

Administration of the Fund: The fund will be administered by the PATH Intl. Chief Executive Officer who will periodically report on fund management and distributions to the board of trustees, finance committee, donors and PATH Intl. membership. A review panel will be selected each year to review the applicants and make recommendations.

Investment of Funds: Funds will be invested according to the PATH Intl. Investment Policy.

Term of Fund: Designated funds will be placed in the EAS Participant Fund. Funds can be merged with another PATH Intl. restricted fund upon a vote of the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees and, whenever possible, informing the original fund donor of transfer.

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