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Colorado Gives Day Results  

Thank you to all those who donated on Colorado Gives Day! PATH Intl. raised $185 on the day alone, and continues to accept online donations at GivingFirst and on our main website. On our website, you can also download a form and mail it in to the office.


Don't forget to donate by December 31 for the 2011 tax year! 

Our International Association  
Have you seen the flag counter at the bottom of the PATH Intl. homepage? What started out with just a couple of countries represented on June 7 jumped to well over 40 in three days with most countries showing multiple unique visitors. It has now grown to visits from 142 countries, with someone from Syria being the most recent visitor. We truly are an international association!

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International  

December 20, 2011  

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Thanks to our generous donors, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International is helping to reshape lives every day.  


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Office Closed for Holiday  
The PATH Intl. office will be closed from December 24 to January 3. Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. You will still be able to access your account from the website if you would like, and you will still be able to make year-end donations through the website.
Have a wonderful holiday!


The Governance Committee Forms Bylaws Task Force  
The Governance Committee of the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees is forming a task force to review Article VI, Section 2 of the PATH Intl. By-laws.  At the annual meeting in November in Lexington, KY, the new by-laws were passed with the exception of this section. The task force will review this section and make recommendations to the Governance Committee.

Task force applicants with experience in developing and editing bylaws, knowledge of nonprofit governance and strong writing skills should submit their resume and brief cover letter demonstrating experience and intent by January 5, 2012, to Madelin Schlenz.

All applicants will have a response by January 13, 2012.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping in this important task.


PATH Intl. Institutes a New Policy  
Effective November 11, 2012, the association began implementing a new policy affecting PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Centers. Should a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center allow its PATH Intl. membership to lapse, its accreditation status also lapses. A reinstatement process to regain PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center status is required if the center rejoins the association. Click here to see the full policy

This policy recognizes the continued commitment to the PATH Intl. standards of safety, ethics and professionalism Premier Accredited Center members make.  


Good-Bye to Jared Smith  
It is with sadness that PATH Intl. says good-bye to Membership Representative Jared Smith. Jared started with PATH Intl. a year and a half ago, and many of you knew him as he helped with your membership renewal and certification questions. He is leaving to pursue a career in real estate. We'll miss you, Jared, and good luck!


Sweeney Recipient of Humanitarian Award  
Molly SweeneyFormer PATH Intl. Board Member Molly Sweeney has been named the recipient of the prestigious 2011 The EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award presented by United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). The presentation will take place January 14, 2012, at the USEF Pegasus Awards Dinner in Cincinatti, OH. The award is a celebration of the humanitarian achievements made by a member of the equestrian world. It spotlights the selfless dedication one individual or a group of individuals has made. Molly was selected for her local and national-level volunteer work for over two decades in the EAAT field.

Molly became a PATH Intl. Board Member in 1996 and served as secretary of the board from 1998-2002. She was awarded the President's Award in 2005 for her outstanding contributions to the Association. In 2010, she received the PATH Intl. James Brady Lifetime Achievement Award.

Congratulations, Molly!
Honor the Special People and Equines in Your Life  
Throughout our lives, there are people who touch our hearts and there are horses that change us forever. PATH Intl. is now offering a way to honor the special people or equines in your life or to remember someone who helped change your life. Click here to visit the In Honor and In Memory web page. Download the form and fax, (303) 252-4610, or email it to Megan Ream.
PATH Intl. Center Renewal Due December 31  
Thank you for your commitment to safety, ethical practices and professionalism in equine-assisted activities and therapies. To ensure that PATH Intl. continues to provide your center with premium education and to maintain uninterrupted access to the wealth of benefits available to PATH Intl. centers, please renew your center membership by December 31.

Online center renewal is now available. Online registration makes it especially easy to renew your registration before it expires. With the elimination of paper, you'll end any worry about losing your form on the desk or in the mail.

Click here to renew online. NOTE: The center's primary contact or executive director must be logged in to their personal account in order to renew online.

If you need to update the primary contact for your center, please send in a center change notification form or a premier accredited center change notification form.

Of course if you prefer to send in a hard copy renewal, that is still an option. Download and complete the center renewal booklet and renewal invoice from the PATH Intl. website, and mail it in.

Click here to download the center renewal booklet.

New this year, centers that prefer to pay by check may now complete the Center Renewal booklet online and mail a check for center membership dues.

For more information about renewing your center membership, please visit our FAQ page.
Standards Reorganization Project  
In August 2011 a task force was created to review the current organization of the PATH Intl. Standards for Certification and Accreditation manual. In the course of the review it was evident that due to increased activities and certifications and yearly additions to the Standards Manual the time had come for a reorganization of the content. While the content remains the same, the intent is to eliminate duplications and create a much more user friendly manual with the publication of the 2012 edition. Click here for more details
 Equine Tips From the Equine Welfare Committee  
The Winter Horse: To Blanket or Not To Blanket...
By Sherri Velte

Winter is upon us and many of us have been faced with whether or not to blanket our horses. It can be a confusing decision. I hope the following tips will shed a little light on when and why we should blanket our horses. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Before we make any decisions regarding blanketing, we need to understand our horses, their lifestyle and the environment in which they live and work as well as their breed and history.

Mother Nature has taken good care of the horse. The average, healthy horse that has access to good quality hay and shelter from the elements will fare well in the winter months without a blanket. As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, most horses grow a longer, coarser, thicker coat. The hair has the ability to fluff up, trapping warm air and creating layers of insulation. Additional oils build up that add to the insulation and give extra protection from wind and precipitation. When winter days are a little warmer, the hair can lay flat to help the horse stay cool. Grooming this type of horse should be kept to a minimum because vigorous currying can disrupt the natural protective layer of oils. Blanketing early in the season will most likely hinder the natural growth of the winter coat. This may be desirable if your horse is worked consistently and cooling and drying are issues; or if you show in the winter and want your horse to have a sleeker coat.

Some horses are not able to grow a thick enough coat and may benefit from blanketing. Those horses may include old or ill horses, pasture horses who have limited or no access to shelter, horses that are moved to a colder climate and haven't had time to acclimate, clipped horses and show horses that have always been blanketed. Some breeds like the Thoroughbred may not grow thick winter coats while others like the Haflinger may grow very thick coats.

The type and weight of the blankets you choose will depend on the breed of your horse, his coat, lifestyle and the environment in which he lives and works while also taking into consideration the varying temperatures and elements he is exposed to. If you choose to blanket your horse, a combination of different weight blankets will help you keep your horse comfortable during the changing winter weather. Stable blankets are designed for horses while they are in a stall while turnout blankets are designed to allow for running and playing and are well suited for the horse that spends time outside. They both come in a variety of weights from a light sheet to a heavy blanket. The horse that is used to being outside may not need a blanket at all when he is brought into the barn. If your barn is warm or the temperatures rise, your stable horse may also be comfortable without a blanket. Although the outside horse with a thick winter coat may not need a blanket, he may benefit from the extra protection of a turnout sheet during inclement or cold and windy conditions. If this is the case, you should look for a breathable, waterproof sheet that will keep him dry while allowing moisture and heat to escape to avoid sweating. Blankets that are too heavy will have an adverse effect on the horse, causing the horse to sweat; as the sweat freezes the horse will become chilled. In order for a blanket to be beneficial, the synthetic insulation needs to be more effective than the horse's natural insulation.

When deciding whether or not to blanket our horses we should also keep in mind that blankets can become ripped and damaged and may need repair or replacement. Blankets should be removed a couple of times a day to check for dirt, dried mud and shavings that can get under the blanket and to check your horse for rubs or sores that a blanket may cause. It also ensures the blanket is on properly, with no twists, pulls or rubs, and the straps are all fastened properly. 

While blanketing your horse, it is important to be diligent about paying close attention to the weather forecast so you can not only choose the appropriate blanket but also, in areas where temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, to have someone available and prepared to remove, add or change the weight of the blanket during the day.

Mother Nature has done a great job taking care of the winter horse. I hope these tips help you decide whether or not your horse could use a little extra help from a blanket.

The Equine Welfare Committee encourages positive and engaging educational exploration from our readers - we'd love to hear your feedback! Please let us know if you have any questions about our tip or have a suggestion about specific topics you would be interested in learning more about in the future. Email Kristin Mason, EWC chair. Thank you!
Consider Hosting a PATH Intl. Event  
We hope that 2012 will be full of exciting events at PATH Intl. Centers! Click here to download the intent to host forms for all PATH Intl. events. Read through the intent to host packets for details concerning hosting an event. We want to add more driving workshops on the west coast, ESMHL workshops and skills tests and vaulting workshops/ certifications to our 2012 calendar, so please consider hosting an event.

Contact Abby Hendren or call (800) 369-7433 with questions regarding the 2012 workshops or hosting process.
PATH Intl. Events Calendar  
Unless otherwise noted, contact Abby Hendren at (800) 369-7433, ext. 104, with questions. All dates are subject to change. To register for an event, please contact the host site directly. You can locate its contact information under Find a Center on the PATH Intl. home page or on the  PATH Intl. events calendar.

PATH Intl. Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning Workshop and Practical Skills Testing
February 24-27, 2012
MTRA in Ocala, FL

September 14-16, 2012
Sunnyside Equestrian Center in Lincroft, NJ

October 24-27, 2012
Hearts & Horses, Inc. in Loveland, CO

PATH Intl. Driving Workshop and Certification combination event
Workshop is held the first 2-1/2 days, certification held the last 2-1/2 days
August 7-11, 2012
BraveHearts at the Bergmann Center in Poplar Grove, IL

PATH Intl. Advanced Certification Event
May 29-31, 2012
High Hopes Therapeutic Riding in Old Lyme, CT

September 10-12, 2012
BraveHearts in Harvard, IL

PATH Intl. Vaulting Workshop/Certification Event
No events at this time

Please visit the PATH Intl. events calendar for a list of 2012 Registered On-Site Workshops and Certifications. 

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