volume 29 issue 1 January 24, 2008

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 2) Center renewalsdid you return yours before the deadline? (click here)
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 4) NARHA member wins achievement award   (click here)
 5) NARHA welcomes new corporate member Markel Insurance   (click here)
 6) DeBartolo Family Foundation honors TRAVERSE with the Spirit of Humanity Award
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 7) NARHA Region Conferences on the NARHA Website (click here)
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1) Volunteers
by Carol Nickell, NARHA CEO

In the United States, residents’ involvement is what makes the nonprofit sector work. American history is a story of people banding together to make a difference.

Héctor Ericksen-Mendoza and Aaron Heffron give us the following statistics;

• More than 80 percent of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. rely on volunteers.

• More than half use volunteers on a weekly basis.

• Volunteers do about a third of the work of all nonprofit organizations.

• If all volunteers were paid employees, their work would cost nonprofits over $200 billion per year.

Half of the U.S. adult population (49 percent) volunteers and about 60 percent of American teenagers volunteer.

How does an organization tap into such help? By asking. Most volunteers do so because someone asked them to participate. Almost nine out of ten people say "yes" when someone asks them to donate their time.

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2)  Center RenewalsDid you return yours before the deadline?

The 2008 center renewal booklet was due to the NARHA office by January 15 (a two-week extension over last year). Hopefully you made the deadline and won’t be facing that $50 late fee.

If you have any questions or problems with your renewal please feel free to contact Jama Rice, Director of Membership (, ext. 127) or Waverly Quinby, Member Services RepresentativeCenters (, ext. 111). We want to help make the process as easy as possible. The valuable information you provide helps NARHA improve its center programs and helps potential sponsors, contributors and exhibitors understand the important work taking place at NARHA centers.

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3)  What's New at

To highlight our new interactive vaulting instruction certification and the changes to the NARHA driving certification program, we have created a new interactive vaulting section on the website and completely updated the driving section.


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4) NARHA member wins achievement award

NARHA Region 9 Representative, Annie Mabry, of Anchorage, Alaska, recently won a YWCA Woman of Achievement award and was honored at a recent awards banquet. The banquet was attended by Alaska’s Governor and the Mayor of Anchorage. Once the award was announced in the paper last month, Annie received a phone call which has led to a $100,000 challenge grant from a private family trust, to start the land work and begin the first phase on the ten acres of land on which her center had acquired a long term lease.  

Annie said “We've been burning the midnight oil these past few weeks getting the formal proposal ready to complete with our project budget. These are the kind of awards that I like, (the ones) that bring attention to our programs! Suddenly, NARHA and therapeutic riding are becoming recognizable words in Alaska.  It's been a long time coming for us, and I'm afraid the real work is just beginning, but we're so excited.”

5) NARHA welcomes new corporate member Markel Insurance
Markel Insurance Company underwrites specialty insurance products for a variety of niche markets. Markel offers a uniquely designed and priced insurance program for NARHA Centers. Markel representative Debi DeTurk Peloso seeks to provide quality products, excellent customer service and educational resources for all NARHA Centers insured by Markel. Markel is proud to be a NARHA Corporate member and looks forward to many more years of association with NARHA clients. 

6) DeBartolo Family Foundation honors TRAVERSE with the Spirit of Humanity Award

Photo:  DeBartolo Family Foundation Presents Spirit of Humanity Award to TRAVERSE.  Shown: (From Left) Lisa DeBartolo, Executive Vice President, DeBartolo Holdings LLC, Joseph Callan, Clinical Director/Co-Founder, TRAVERSE, and Glenda Henderson, Equestrian Director/Co-Founder, TRAVERSE.

TRAVERSE (Trauma Resolution And Victims’ Essential Recovery Services) is a NARHA premier accredited center (PAC) that operates a therapeutic horsemanship program (“equine assisted psychotherapy”) for at-risk children, specifically, children who have experienced severe trauma or personal loss. In November the DeBartolo Family Foundation recognized the humanitarian initiatives of Traverse and their dedication to these special Tampa Bay area children and their families, by honoring the organization with a $10,000 donation along with the Spirit of Humanity Award. TRAVERSE has already re-fenced their arena, with part of the funds and a crew of United Way Hands On Tampa Volunteers. Next they will renovate the stable and paddocks.

Located in Thonotosassa, Florida, TRAVERSE encourages the at-risk children to participate in group therapy and riding instruction twice weekly, and are required to set personal, family, horse, and school goals. TRAVERSE professional staff members conduct the riding classes, group therapy sessions, and monitor each child’s progress carefully. Parents also participate in weekly group sessions that ultimately improve the child’s self-esteem while simultaneously eliminating personal pain and social isolation.

The DeBartolo Family Foundation annually awards scholarships to deserving students, provides grants to individuals and organizations with exceptional requirements, and presents the Spirit of Humanity Award, honoring non-profit, grass roots organizations that provide extraordinary assistance to Tampa Bay residents with special needs.

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7) NARHA Region Conferences on the NARHA Website

With the first month of 2008 quickly coming to a close, it is once again time to start thinking about the upcoming NARHA Region Conferences. In the next three months, Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, will all be hosting their NARHA Region Conferences. Online registration is currently open with links to each region's  information on the region conference page. Also, registration brochures are currently being mailed to NARHA members in each region.  Please take the time to visit your region’s conference page and take a look at all of the great learning opportunities especially selected to fit the needs of your region.

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8) Research assistance requested

Liz Ylitalo with Texas A&M University's Texas Engineering Extension Service, specifically the Technology and Economic Development Division, wrote to NARHA to request assistance. She is researching national fairground and expo trends and events. She contacted us because of our role as a valued horse organization. She said, "please feel free to forward this to any appropriate party."

Any information will be valuable to her as will suggestions for relevant associations to contact, specific staff members, periodicals, published documents or studies, books, research, websites, etc.

Her questions  are as follows:

1. What are you seeing in the way of successful national trends and events for fairgrounds/expo/convention centers? (and those specifically for Texas or nearby locations)
2. What equine competition/showing needs are not being met by such venues?
3. What is the future for non-fair events/activities concerning the equine industry?
4. What industries, organizations or associations are instrumental to this market?
5. What are the challenges your industry faces in utilizing existing event facilities?
6. Any other insight, resources, studies or other information would be incredibly valuable to my research.

Please contact Liz by email

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9) Women LUV Horses essay contest for California 2008 event

Lynn Palm, Women LUV Horses equestrienne event founder, announces a “Why I Love Horses” and “My Favorite Horse Publication” essay contest for Women Luv Horses™, a three-day celebration of horses and women to be held in City of Industry, California’s Industry Hills Expo Center, (near Los Angeles), December 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2008. 

The essay is limited to 500 words or less and must include why the writer loves horses and why they love their favorite horse publication. The publication can be print or web based. 

Submit essays via e-mail to . Include name, mailing address, contact phone number, contact e-mail, and age division. Age divisions include: 12 and under, 13–18, 19 –35, 36–55, and over 56. One winner will be selected from each age division and each winner will receive two free weekend tickets to the Women Luv Horses, City of Industry, CA, 2008 event. The free weekend tickets include VIP seating at event’s Fashion Show and Cowgirl Party. Deadline for submitting essays is May 15, 2008. Essay contest winners and their favorite horse publications will be publicized daily at the event as well as on the website. 

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10) Member to Member Q & A

Have a question for our members?
Please send your
questions and answers to Barbara on or before February 14.

We may not be able to publish all questions or answers in NARHA News ...
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