PATH Intl. Registered Instructor Road Map

  • Become a PATH Intl. Individual Member
  • Obtain Adult & Child CPR and basic First Aid Certifications (100% online courses will not be accepted. Most blended/hybrid courses are accepted.)
  • Submit Instructor Application with application fee
  • Locate a current PATH Intl. Certified Riding Professional to serve as your mentor.
    • Mentors are defined as any current PATH Intl. Certified Riding Professional. Verify your mentor’s instructor compliance by requesting to see a copy of his/her current Instructor Membership card or by contacting the PATH Intl. office. Mentored hours logged with a non-compliant PATH Intl. Riding Professional will NOT be accepted.
    • PATH Intl. Trained Mentors have attended additional PATH Intl. trainings and are considered to provide superior mentoring. For a list of PATH Intl. Trained Mentors, please visit the Find a Mentor page.

Within 12 MONTHS of submitting application

  • Complete the 3 on-line exams for the Pre-Certification Self-Assessment, Instructor Self-Study and PATH Intl. Standards Course (standards exams completed as part of in-person standards courses will also be accepted)
  • Submit Equine Management Skills Checklist
  • Receive your Instructor in Training (IT) Letter

Optional before you receive your IT Letter:

  • Audit an On-Site Registered Instructor Workshop (highly recommended before starting your teaching hours)
  • Supervised by a PATH Intl. Certified Riding Professional, start accruing hours teaching two or more riders with disabilities (25 hours minimum)

Within 12 MONTHS of receiving your IT Letter:

  • Supervised by a PATH Intl. Certified Riding Professional, complete 25 hours teaching two or more riders with disabilities
  • Attend a PATH Intl. On-site Workshop and Certification (OSWC)



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